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About Us

About Us

We began our consulting business in Rockhampton in the heart of Queensland in 1998.

Since then, we have been working with clients like you in a long-term, sustainable way to help them prosper by creating thriving teams, leaders and cultures. We guide individuals and organisations to take simple steps to achieve their goals while focusing on efficiency and effectiveness – in a healthy way.

Much has changed since we started, including global financial crises and worldwide pandemics. Today, although we face a different world with different challenges, we stay loyal to our purpose and our origins, we just adapt to new and better ways to deliver. We continue to collaborate with people in organisations to help them prosper and we continue to be their trusted advisors.

As a proud locally owned business, we celebrate the values that makes Queenslanders unique.




Support for the underdog

Willingness to have a go

“When Queenslanders are being their best, we see greater levels of prosperity”

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Our Vision of Prosperity

Our vision of prosperity sees a world:











Our Approach

Our approach is inspired by the art of Origami…

Before it became an art form, origami served as a gift of respect and gratitude and would act as a certificate of authenticity.​

Likewise, at Shape Consulting we use our expertise and our industry understanding to give you a genuine experience, a set of outcomes and a pathway to prosperity. ​We provide leaders at all levels with a practical approach, focusing on simple steps to create value out of something as simple and adaptable as a piece of paper. We help you ‘unfold’ the complexities and boost your optimism to explore beyond the obvious. 

Our experience enables us to work with your leaders, teams and organisations and help them think differently, realise possibilities and collaborate better.

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Our Values

At Shape Consulting, we like to keep things simple and straightforward. Our three core values define who we are and how we operate.


We see a bright future


We take simple steps


We are our best selves

Our Team

The Shape Consulting team is down-to-earth, flexible and friendly. Our team members are facilitators and experts in a range of disciplines including strategic planning, culture, team development, change and project management. We keep your objectives in mind at every step of the engagement and we are accountable for our performance.   

In addition to our core team, we have an extensive network of partners, contractors and specialists that we draw on to complete our work.  We are proud of the long-term relationships we have with a range of individuals and organisations – many stretching back to the start of our business.

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Our Community

As we work towards our vision of making our world more prosperous, we’re privileged to contribute to a range of community groups.

Since foundation, our in-kind and direct support has been valued at over $500,000.  We align this support to our definition of prosperity and ensure we are providing a more inclusive, connected, sustainable and innovative society that ensures non-violent outcomes and the creation of value.