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Designing Culture

Designing Culture

How is your pond? If you consider your culture to be a pond – how healthy is it? Does it need some tender loving care? Does the murkiness help or hinder? Are those weeds growing or healthy new plants? How is the water quality? From experience, we typically end up with two pathways when partnering with you regarding workplace culture. The first pathway starts with measurement and includes a defined roadmap into the future. The second pathway starts with Shaping Culture by Design – through the involvement of your team in the co-design phase.
Typically, this involves us:


How to Use the Culture Design Canvas

Shape Consulting is the first Certified provider of the Culture Design Canvas invited by Gustavo Razzetti from Fearless Culture in the United States of America. Gustavo has published over 600 articles on workplace culture

Shape Consulting has partnered with Human Synergistics since 2008 and uses the HS products to assist individuals, teams and organisations understand their behavioural aspects of their culture. The below link takes you to the Human Synergistics circumplex and provides a complete overview of the approach at an individual, manager, leader, team and organisational level.

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